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1) Complete the Voucher in duplicate. Mail the completed Voucher and verifying receipts/invoices to:
Al Kayal, AEA Treasurer
7524 N. 20th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85020

2) Top-third of the Voucher should be used to claim reimbursement of travel-related expenses. Complete and insert the TOTAL TRAVEL, MEETINGS, ETC.

3) Middle-third of the Voucher should be used for all other expenses. Please give full details of the expenses being claimed. At the risk of making your donation to the AEA, ensure that the TOTAL REQUESTED DISBURSEMENT does not put you over the annual amount budgeted for your office/committee.

4) Bottom-left side of the Voucher must be completed by the AEA Officer/Committee Chair submitting the Voucher and signed on the APPROVED BY line.

Click the Voucher Below to Download to Your Computer

Fill out the fields using your computer

Print it out and snail mail 2 COPIES to Al Kayal (see address above)


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